'Whisper' (속삭임) Feature Film Project (UK/ SOUTH KOREA)

From the pyramids of ancient Goguryeo, a prophecy is set to be manifested in our present times.

And the signs of this prophecy are coming from the womb of a young woman. The woman's name is Jeesun and she has become pregnant at the wrong time, abandoned by her loved ones, and pursued through the streets of Seoul by a sinister voice.

'Whisper' is a supernatural horror feature film that brings a terrifying force from the mists of Korea's past and unleashes it into our modern interconnected world.

'The Shed' Award winning short film (UK/ USA)

A secret compromise lies at the heart of a loving relationship.

'The Shed is a portrait of a happy, healthy, normal marriage. It's a lie, of course, but not in the way you think. This nine-minute Irish film has not one, but two plot twists, and it ends at exactly the right moment! Great fun.' Rich Watson Wide Screen World.

'The Labyrinth' Short film (UK/Ireland)

A prisoner believes that he must murder his only friend to attain his deepest desire.

'I Can't Stop My Dream' Short Film (UK/ Ireland)

A married man attempts to reunite with his first love, leading to a terrifying revelation!


Health and Safety of Stevedores (Corporate Training for Burke Shipping)

Shortlisted for Arts and Business Northern Ireland Allianz Award 2015

'A Tale of Two Santas' Comedy Short (UK/Ireland)
'L.T.'s Theory of Pets' A film adaption of Stephen King's dark comedy about the biggest division in the world: folks who like cats and folks who like dogs